Therapeutic Riding and Animal Assisted Therapy

Cheerful Hearts Therapeutic Riding and Animal Assisted Therapy is a PATH International member center and was recently formed in March of 2018.  It was the vision of 3 women with a heart for animals and the disabled community.  Donna Lindsley, Jan Neeley and Sheri Holmes.  It started as a vision in 2016 when Mrs Holmes started her journey to become re-certified with PATH International.  She had allowed her previous certification to lapse in order to care for an ailing family member.  She truly missed working with the special needs community and so began collaborating with Donna and Jan to form a therapeutic riding center and animal assisted therapy program.   Mrs Holmes became re-certified in January 2018 and Jan Neeley filed for incorporation in March 2018 and filed for 501(c)(3) in April 2018.  

The name Cheerful Hearts comes from Proverbs 17:22 A CHEERFUL HEART IS GOOD MEDICINE...

Our Motto of "Where Joy Blooms" comes from a revelation that Sheri Holmes had after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.  Choosing to follow God and His will for her life, Sheri made the decision that she would no longer be controlled by her circumstances or fear, but would choose joy in all areas of life, including developing a therapy program.

Our Mission is to bring a smile to a face or laughter to the heart where sadness, pain and fear existed.  

Our Purpose is to provide persons with physical, cognitive, psyco-social and emotional disabilities as well as those being impacted by potentially life altering illness or injury the opportunity to experience the power of the human/animal bond through therapeutic intervention in order to promote improved health and wellness.

We are dedicated to training, research and education in this emerging field of therapy.

Our History