Our vision is to provide a beneficial social activity for clients allowing the opportunity to connect with others, enjoy nature in a rural atmosphere, and interact with horses in a safe environment. We are committed to providing our "Hug a Horse" clients an experience that will benefit them physically, emotionally, and cognitively

Hug a Horse Activities may include but are not limited to:

  • Simple stretches with the horses
  • Grooming the horses
  • Leading a horse 
  • Creative Arts with the Horse:  painting on the horse, music, story telling (reading to our horses)
  • Learning to braid the horses manes
  • Simple games...and lots of hugging!

Hug a Horse Program 

Igniting passion, purpose and possibility in those that riding is contraindicated or prefer to stay out of the saddle. Great for all ages including senior adults.


         Therapeutic Riding and Animal Assisted Therapy